As you are probably already aware, the Covid-19 outbreak is changing the way a lot of businesses operate and interact with their customers to keep both their customers and their staff safe and to prevent further spread of the infection. While we understand that there are some jobs that will require onsite work and others that require you to come into our store, we would like to reduce this as much as we possibly can. We will not be shutting our shopfront unless the government orders us to do so, therefore we are taking a few precautionary measures and we have a few requests.

If you are having difficulty with your computer or electronic devices, please call us first so that we can attempt to resolve the issue remotely. If the issue cannot be resolved or we aren’t making any progress with your issue remotely, we will then arrange for you to bring in your equipment.

If you need to visit our store, we encourage you to use the hand sanitiser on the front counter and follow the government’s recommendation on social distancing and leave 1.5m of space between our staff and others in our store.
However, if you have been overseas in the past two weeks, have been in contact with someone that is self-isolating or is unwell after returning from overseas or you are currently unwell yourself, we ask that you arrange for a friend or relative to deliver and collect your equipment on your behalf.

We aren’t eliminating onsite visits, though we will not attend onsite unless it is absolutely necessary or an emergency. We will assess these on a case by case basis. Please be advised that if a site visit is required, we may ask questions in relation to your health and the health of those around you.

As a precaution, any equipment brought into us and any new equipment ordered through us will be disinfected before we commence work on the equipment and again before returning it to you.

With the wonderful world of technology, we have procedures in place so that our technicians can continue working from home and providing remote support in the event of a state lockdown. While the virus is making things a little more difficult than usual, we will still be operating.

If you are a business and would like to enable your staff to work from home, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support during this time and we look forward to continuing to support your I.T needs throughout.